Frequently Answered Questions

Q: What sports are offered by CAL?
A:  Fall Sports:  Cross Country for boys and girls.  Tennis (co-ed).  Winter Sport:   Basketball for boys and girls.  Spring Sports:  Volleyball and Soccer (both co-ed).
Q:  What are the Age/Grade requirements by sport to participate in CAL Sports?
A:  Boys and Girls Basketball Grades 3-10,  Grammar Divisions in Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball and Soccer for students in Grades 6-8, and A formal Junior Program for students in grades 4 and 5 in Soccer. There are informal programs for Juniors in grades 4 & 5 in cross country and volleyball.   (In cross country, there is no fee for 4th and 5th graders, they do not run at all sites.  The sites are decided at the coaches meetings.)
Q:  What are Parish teams?
A:  Parish teams are made up of Catholic parish members as certified by the Pastor of the Church. A parish team may include up to 2 non-Catholics and 2 Authorized Pool Players.
Q:  What is an Authorized Pool Player?
A:  A pool player is a catholic parish member whose parish does not sponsor a team in CAL. A family can complete an authorized pool player form found under downloadable forms and files and submit the completed form to the CAL Office and the CAL Administration will identify a parish team that the youngster can be assigned to. 
Q:  What are School Teams?
A:  School teams are composed solely of youngsters who attend a catholic elementary school. Each Principal must sign a school roster of players attesting to the fact that all team members attend the school he or she administers.
Q: Can a parish member who attends a school other than his or her parish school participate on a school team?
A: No, school teams are only open to youngsters enrolled in the school. 
Q: Can School and Parish teams be combined?
A:  Insufficient numbers of students from either the school or the parish to form a team is the trigger that justifies the combining of school and parish members on one team.  In such a case the Pastor and the Principal must request in writing the formation of a mixed parish and school team.  If the request is approved,  a combined team of parish and school members is only authorized for participation for one season.
Q:  Why are games cancelled due to weather by CAL not made up?
A:  Since its inception CAL has maintained a policy of not making up weather related cancellations. The rationale behind this policy is that not all CAL members have access to facilities on which to schedule games, many rely upon CAL to find opportunities for them to play through the scheduling process.  CAL does not have access to facilities on which to hold make up games either. Consequently to treat all teams fairly,  the ranking of teams in all sports is based upon winning percentage. This does not require a team to play its entire schedule in the event games are cancelled due to the weather by CAL officials.. This policy was reviewed by the CAL Rules Commottee and the CAL Board in 2018 and was upheld for the reasons outlined above. 

Q: How may players are required for Tennis and Cross Country?

A.  The requirement is between 10-12 players for each sport.

Q.  How many players are required to field a Soccer Team?

A:  The requirement is  between 15-18 players to be listed on roster, as 11 players are required on the field at all times.


Q: How many players are required to make up a Volleyball Team?

A:  The requirement is  between 10-12  players, as 6 players are required on the Court at all times.

Q:   Who makes playoffs in Volleyball?

A:  There are four divisions in volleyball.  The top three teams in each of the four divisions, based upon winning percentage will qualify for the playoffs.

Please refer to our CAL Rule Book which can be found under Downloadable Forms and Files for more information or contact us at 942-6571.

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